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Sounds obvious I know but 2020 and early 2021 posed lots of challenges for wedding couples and the Covid alert levels see-sawed around, which meant changing venues and the number of invites to comply with the covid rules.

Having said that most couples have a pretty strong idea for their wedding style, whether it is just the two of you + immediate family or the full noise bridal party, formal traditional, casual relaxed, do it all yourself and rope in your mates and loved ones.

choosing the venue can be a little harder, given the forward bookings so think about where is it going to be indoor, outdoor, formal and traditional, casual and relaxed, atop a mountain, in a vineyard, Marlborough Sounds, Waiheke Island, Queenstown, or in your own backyard…

Where ever your location and Whatever your style

Own it!!!

There are so many options to choose from but one important consideration to keep in mind is does it resonate for who you are as a couple. It really speaks volume to get the style and location that speaks for who you are as a couple.

So I asked a couple of wedding clients what made them choose their style and location

check out their answers below.

Arnaud and Markus

Married: 20: 02: 2021 at their beach front home at Beach Haven 4.30pm

Photographer Markus’s sister

What made you choose your Beachfront property to get married?

When we were planning our wedding day, we knew we wanted to keep it intimate and personal. We wanted to celebrate our journey as well as the special day, and so an obvious choice was to host our friends and family at the home we had just purchased. The beachfront location was a bonus, because it provided a scenic outdoor space for the ceremony. It was important to us to do it in a space we use daily so that we would be able to live with the memory of our wedding every day.

Did you look at other options?

We considered a Vegas wedding, but COVID put that idea to rest. Using a personal space turned out to be a much better idea.

What did you have to consider/ factor in for family and guests?

The two biggest things we had to factor in were the availability of our friends and family and the tide. The tide was one of the first things we checked when we were deciding between dates for the ceremony. The perfect date ended up meaning we had less than 6 weeks to plan our wedding. We were so fortunate to secure everything we needed, including our amazing celebrant Christina and chef Hercules Noble.

Did the location influence your style of wedding, the catering, number of guests?

The location and the style of our wedding went hand-in-hand. We always wanted an informal, organic celebration that reflected us and our lives, and the waterfront location was perfect for that. We had an intimate celebration, and it was done so organically that even if we had had 100 guests we would have simply added chairs, not changed anything else.

Marisa and Will

Married: May 01 : 05 : 2021 |

Venue: Mantells On Tamaki Drive

Photographer: Libby Robinson

Styling: Liberty Events.

Florals: Brooklyn Flowers.

What made you decide to get married at Mantells on Tamaki Drive?

After getting engaged in February 2020 we started researching possible venues. In our hunt for the perfect spot, we narrowed down the criteria and agreed that Auckland would work best for us. We both grew up and live in Auckland, majority of family and friends are based in Auckland and hoped by keeping it local it would help avoid logistical nightmares.

We had both heard such positive feedback about Mantells Mt Eden that we immediately booked in a visit in March 2020, upon visiting we realised that for our guest list the Mt Eden location would be a bit of a tight squeeze. The team at Mantells then suggested we head over to the Tamaki Drive venue which would accommodate a larger number of people. As soon as we walked in we both loved the white, bright interior, the arched windows with views out over the water, and layout with the covered deck, bar and long dining room provided different spaces to play with.

Following the start of our venue hunt New Zealand then went into COVID-19 alert level four. Unable to look at any other venues and with weddings in 2020 quickly being rescheduled for 2021 we decided to book in Mantells Tamaki Drive! It ticked all our boxes and we knew we could trust the team there to deliver on our wedding day. They are pros and we are so pleased that we stuck with our first choice.

What made you choose an Autumn wedding?

When deciding on our wedding location we also considered the season and date. We chose Autumn and the month of May in particular as it’s not too hot or too cold. We both wanted to be comfortable on our wedding day and the thought of getting married in the middle summer with 25+ degree temperatures did not appeal. During Autumn there’s also usually beautiful, soft blue-sky days against autumnal foliage tones making for picture perfect photos (which we were luckily enough to get).

Was there a reason behind having your ceremony at 4.30pm?

We wanted to do a first look and all of our bridal party photos before the ceremony and reception. Because of this the ceremony time had to be pushed back slightly but following the ceremony we were able to enjoy the time with our guests and didn’t have to rush off anywhere. We spent over a year planning our wedding and wanted to be there with our friends and family enjoying every element of it!

Did you look at other options?

We were lucky enough to find the perfect location very early on and everything else slotted in around it.

What did you have to consider / factor in for family and guests?

Having a venue that could accommodate different dietary requirements was a key consideration and this was something the Mantells team could offer. We also wanted it to be a venue that could offer different spaces for different groups – we had the dance floor with a live band and DJ out on the deck, while there were comfy seats inside for guests to sit down and have a chat. We also wanted a location that was centrally located making it easy for guests to get to and from.

Did the location influence your catering, number of guests, and style of wedding?

We envisaged our wedding being around 100 guests (which was helpful given the fluctuating COVID alert levels in 2020 and early 2021) and we ended up with 90 total which was a great number for Mantells Tamaki Drive. The venue aesthetic provided us a crisp canvas to dress with beautiful white, green and blush florals along with neutral and moss green styling elements. With the right space and styling we were able to achieve an elegant and timeless look and feel.

So there you have it two very different styles and locations both equally valid and both couples so happy with their choices.

Next Month we will talk about choosing the flowers such an important part of the overall planning.

Nga Mihi

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