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Summer Lovin'

Kia ora, I am feeling super excited about 2022, as I feel like the stars are beginning to align again for couples who are ready to tie the knot and say “I Do”.

So whilst I know we are bracing ourselves for the peak of the omicron and that most of us are probably feeling “crooned” out right now, I think come to the end of the year we will be celebrating with loved ones once again.

Having recently officiated a couple of weddings at the now current highest level it was all very seamless and everyone had a fabulous time.

So I wanted to take the time in this February blog to let you know that I am a triple vaccinated celebrant and I would love to chat with you about your upcoming wedding. I welcome multi-cultural weddings, gay weddings and vow renewals.

vow renewal in new zealand

And in this month’s blog, I especially wanted to talk about vow renewals because there are a multitude of reasons why you might want to consider this so let's check it out

For starters:

It’s a milestone anniversary, just like celebrating turning 65 years and getting the gold card…

It’s such a celebratory way to Reaffirm your commitment to each other, especially if you have gone through a rocky patch and feel the need to celebrate a stronger and healthier relationship.

Not all wedding days go according to plan, it can often be a fraught and tension-filled day. Renewing your vows provides you with a second chance to have a ceremony that is more relaxed and celebratory. It is also a chance to include family that weren’t present at the first wedding.

Whatever the reason,

renewing your vows offers an affirming opportunity

to express how far you have come in your relationship.

So please get in touch I would love to chat and hear all about your wedding plans to date.

vow renewals in auckland

auckland weddings

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