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Welcome to the ELC December blog!

Now that we have more clarity around the “I do’s” and Don’ts in the coming months with the traffic light system coming into play, I thought I would expand on the Covid brief that I outlined in my November blog.

So if you are in the Auckland region as of this Friday 3rd Dec we are set at:

RED and these are the guidelines around Venues that are using the VACCINATION CERTIFICATE

  • At RED, the exciting news for couples is that the number of people for weddings is limited to 100. However, recording/scanning and face coverings are mandatory in public venues and are highly recommended when leaving the house.

  • At Orange there are NO LIMIT OR NUMBERS, however, scanning and face masks will be mandatory in public venues.

As the government has stated no region will be moving to Green before the 17th January 2022.

  • At Green, the sky is the LIMIT ON NUMBERS, however, keep scanning and once face coverings are encouraged indoors.

So let’s look at Guidelines around a venue that IS NOT USING the Vaccination certificate.

Being outdoors requires you to maintain the 1 -m social distancing and sanitising guidelines.

  • At RED there is a max of 10 people only with 1 m spacing along with record | scanning and face coverings are mandatory in public venues.

  • At ORANGE there is a max of 50 people with 1-m spacing along with the record-keeping | scanning and face coverings are once again mandatory.

  • At GREEN there is a max of 100 people and again with 1-m spacing between people. Along with the record-keeping | scanning face coverings and are encouraged.

For the signing of paperwork, the couple will be required to provide their own pens and sanitiser will be provided.

The Celebrant and the couple must be masked for the signing and maintain a 1-m social distance. If using a mic, please try to arrange two mics so there is no cross over between celebrant and couples.

If the wedding couple is having their wedding in a booked public venue i.e. a park or beach, then they are considered the event organiser and will need to comply with the traffic light system in relation to the vaccinated/unvaccinated status of the guests, and will be required to hold the register of guests for 60 days.

Please Note: I can provide my QR code for this purpose.

However, if you plan to have your wedding in a private venue i.e. your backyard and you the clients are organising this then you must comply with all regulations that relate to the gathering of people under the regulations outlined in the traffic light system in relation to vaccinated and unvaccinated guests.

Please Note: I can provide my QR code for this purpose.

A lot to take in I know, and I hope that covers all the bases. Please contact me to discuss if you have any queries. My job as a celebrant is to ensure and manage the health and safety of you and your guests and to ensure scanning and ventilation is as per the covid 19 regulations.

As mentioned, in my last blog, I am a fully vaccinated celebrant and I reserve the right to only marry couples that are fully vaccinated.

And lastly, I wish you all a fabulous Christmas time and fun-loving summer holiday, especially for those of us who will be reunited with family and friends after a very long hiatus…

I look forward to chatting with you


Christina Mackay.

+64 (0) 21 731 203

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