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Something So True

It was a hot Norwester that greeted family and friends to celebrate the marriage of Deanne and Hamish at the Old Barn on the 5th January. It is fair to say that Deanne and Hamish’s romance had been one of “good things take time”, and having spent a few years travelling across from Perth to NZ, they finally decided they had something special, something so true.

It was fantastic to see all of Deanne’s family who had travelled across the ditch from Perth, to celebrate their marriage, and Marlborough didn't disappoint, it was truly a magical wedding. Remember there is always someone for you - congratulations Mr and Mrs Sutherland

Shout Out To:

Wedding Design: Got it Covered

Photographer: David James

Venue: The Old Barn

Photographer:- Jessica and Paul Jones

Caterer: Feast Merchants

Key words; True, love, family, vows, marriage, together, laughter, companionship, perfect, partners

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