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Gay wedding Celebrant in auckland new zealand

Celebrant for gay weddings

Hello and congratulations 

on your exciting decision to get married.

At Everyday Life Celebrants I am all about celebrating life, and I do this no matter what your orientation. Gay marriages became legal in New Zealand in April 2013, a long overdue acknowledgment of the many kinds of relationships and families in our communities. 

I believe you have the right to celebrate the love you have for one another in a formal way and to express it with family and friends at your UNIQUE ceremony. 

I promise a ceremony that truly reflects your relationship and individual personalities. Together we will create a fun, fresh and meaningful ceremony that is truly your own.

How to say I do



  • Step 1: Contact Me:
    We will check to see if I am available for your wedding date, and then we can set up an obligation-free meeting to see if I am the right celebrant for you.
  • Step 2: First Interview:
    Once you have decided that I am the celebrant for you we will arrange the first interview, either at my house, yours, or a location that suits you both. At this interview we will get to know each other and I may record the interview with you both. This is so that I can hear your stories, how you met and what's important in your relationship. It is also an opportunity to talk through your expectations, and how much you want me to be involved. i.e. finding readings, music, ceremony structure. I will outline a ceremony composition if that is required. My role is to listen and ask questions to gain as much information about you both, as no two people or ceremonies are the same! This will enable me to create a unique ceremony that honours your relationship that is truly your own. I am there to learn how you would like your wedding ceremony. From there I begin to weave your stories and create your unique ceremony. This meeting needs to occur at least 31 days before your wedding and during it we will complete the necessary administration tasks. I will need to sight your original Birth Certificates or Passports, as a means of formal identification. (I will cover these requirements with you on the phone before the meeting as well). If you are from another region or overseas, all of these interviews can happen over the phone, Sykpe or via email and you can post me a witnessed Notice of Intended Marriage form at least 31 days before your wedding day.
  • Step 3: Creative Design & Thinking Stage:
    On the basis of our discussion/interview and any suggestions that have been given, I will research, explore and gather any resources and ideas.
  • Step 4: Second meeting:
    This is where the ideas, reflections, and preliminary plans are shared. We meet and together we run through, in full detail, all aspects of the ceremony. The Order of the Ceremony, the exact wordings, readings, poetry, music, and clarifying who does and says what will be confirmed at this meeting. I will record in detail the exact words requested.
  • Step 5: Ceremony Crafting:
    This is where I begin to create and weave your story and design your ceremony in full detail. I write an overview and order of events with your ceremony. I will be in contact regularly (via email) to ensure I have included all that we discussed in our second meeting.
  • Step 6: Confirmation of Your Ceremony Details:
    I will email the complete ceremony in full, or I can send a hard copy if pre arranged. All the necessary detail will be confirmed i.e. props, technical requirements, documents, flowers etc. We will set and confirm the practical logistics (not the wording) of the wedding rehearsal date at this time. I will always ring the day before to confirm.
  • Step 7: Wedding Rehearsal:
    Your wedding party and anyone with a role in the ceremony should be present. However, often people are travelling great distances to share your special day with you, so that can't always be possible. We'll run through the shape of the ceremony, rehearse the logistics of the ceremony and organise cues for musicians or guests with a speaking role. It is also important for the audio person to attend so that we can check volumes and music cues.
  • Step 8: The Big Day:
    I'll arrive an hour before the wedding is due to start. I will make sure everything is ready as planned. You will get married!
  • Step 9: Getting Certified:
    After the ceremony, I will send all of the paperwork to the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry nearest you and register your marriage. You can then use the B45 A form (Copy of Particulars) to apply for your official Marriage Certificate, the details of which are on the reverse side of the Copy of particulars.


Standard Fee: 

To help you mange your budget, I work on a rate of $60.00 per hour. Typically to plan, prepare, rehearse and officiate  your ceremony ranges from  12 - 15 hours. However once we have a clear idea of what services you require,  final fee is agreed.

My services include:

  • Providing all the legal documentation

  • Preparation and creation of a personalised ceremony that honours your stories and reflects your values and beliefs.

  • Two face-to-face meetings or where it is more practical, by Skype.

  • Meetings will be held at my home or an equally convenient location.

  • If you are an overseas couple we can meet via Skype and email.

  • The Wedding Rehearsal is essential to ensure the smooth running order of events on your special day.

  • Officiating at the ceremony on the day of your wedding.

  • The Formal Registration of your marriage with Births, Deaths and Marriages.


Travel Fee

The fee is inclusive of travel for any ceremony performed in Auckland Central or Blenheim/Picton. If I am required to travel to your ceremony outside the Auckland Central or the Blenheim/Picton, we will negotiate the travel fee before we confirm the booking.

Speech & Presentation Coaching

Refer to the page on Social Speeches

Other Extras

You may request additional special services in which case we will negotiate these at the time we confirm the booking.

Terms of Payment:


Booking Fee

A 50% deposit is required 7 days after confirmation to secure your desired date and time.

Balance of Payment

The balance of total fee payable 14 days prior to your ceremony.

Forms of Payment

Fees can be paid by cash or electronic bank transfer.

Cancellations & Refunds

Any fees paid are non-refundable. Because your booking fee covers the administrative time and costs involved in the legal aspects of the ceremony.




If for any unforeseeable circumstance I am unable to officiate at your ceremony I will organise a replacement celebrant.


I respect your privacy and you can be assured that your personal details and your wedding arrangements are strictly confidential. Information is only disclosed to the authorities I am obliged to lodge forms with and report to.

I may ask permission to use your images and names for my personal online marketing (for example on my website or in social media) but you are under no obligation to agree.

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