Celebrant for Funerals

Memorial Ceremonies:

As of today the Government has relaxed the gathering rules further to allow for groups of 100 to gather.


Funeral Directors are now able to conduct End of Life Ceremonies with groups of 100 people max.  This come as a huge relief,  as it is a very important part of the human condition and healing process to reach out and offer comfort, love and support to bereaved families and friends, to mourn, to laugh, to cry, to tell the stories, and the anecdotes, of a loved one.​


As a funeral celebrant I understand how deeply this has affected the way we acknowledge and celebrate the lives of loved ones that have departed and how families support one another during this time of grieving.

Here to Support:

During the lockdown period I have undertaken Zoom Memorial tutorials through the Celebrant School, and I welcome any enquiries to assist families in their loved ones final journey.


I know this can seem like a daunting and solitary way of saying goodbye but before you judge please consider how this dynamic option can uplift and offer a strong connection and support to mourning family, friends and community.


I am available to guide you through the process and offer reassurance, if this approach to End of Life Ceremony is an option your family wish to consider.  Please contact me at any time to talk through the process and help alleviate any concerns you may have.



The End of Everyday Life:

Please accept my deepest sympathies for the loss of your loved one. 

As a funeral celebrant, I believe it is my responsibility to give voice to the memories of your loved one, and it would be a privilege to honour and officiate your loved one's last rite of passage. It is always a time when family, friends and the community find their lives taking on a deeper reflection as we slow down to share and recount the memories.


I respect how precious and valuable these memories are: it is after all what connect us to the deceased.


I will with respect and mindful care, weave your words, thoughts and memories of their life narrative, with all their quirks and contradictions, into a dignified and memorable service. I want to hear the stories that made them a unique and special person in your life. 


I look forward to meeting with you and your family to create an End of Life Ceremony that celebrates your loved one. 



My services include:

Meeting with the family at the family home;

•   To enable the family to find out what they want.

•   To listen to the life narrative and stories of the deceased.

•   To establish and prepare a clear overview of the Order of Service.

•   I can assist you in suggesting readings and enactments, and as a Speech and Drama practitioner I can also assist with your reading or Eulogy preparation and delivery (at an extra cost).


•   Preparation, Design and Planning of the full ceremony, based on the families request. 

•   Confirmation from the family of all the planning and ceremony preparation. I will ensure those with ceremony responsibilities are prepared. i.e.  candles, readings, music.

•  I work closely with Funeral Directors to ensure I deliver a service that honours and reflects your loved one, and your family.

 I will always arrive 30 minutes early to Officiate the End of Life Ceremony, to set up and ensure that all the technical requirements are operating.  I will meet with any staff at the venue, and provide an outline of the ceremony to chapel staff.



Fee: $500.00

Terms of Payment:

Celebrant payment is usually organised through the Funeral Director.

Where this is not the case an invoice will be sent after the service. 


Hi Christina, Just one final email to thank you so very very much for your empathy and your support through this ultra stressful time, To have your behind me enabled me to feel confident that I was saying and doing the right thing.   And I also though that you would like to know that as I get comments about the Service several people have commented on how well you hit 'just the right tone'  WELL done :)


Once again thank you ...kindest regards..........Jan

Celebration of Life Ceremony for Laura Jane Pepper 


I just wanted to extend an enormous heartfelt thank you to you. Am so very glad you took the service for Mum. It was perfect - thank you tremendously."


Jannine Pepper  

Late last year, our Mum died very suddenly. This took my brother and I completely by surprise and we had to make a lot of decisions very quickly, without any previous experience in the whole procedure. Christina took our hands and led us through the quagmire.

She prepared a beautiful End of Life ceremony for us, which she was very happy for us to chop and change until the whole family were happy. Then, on the day of the funeral, she once again guided us through the occasion, quietly and inconspicuously helping when it was needed. Christina went through the ceremony and delivered the tributes with great feeling and dignity throughout.

I had many friends say to me afterwards how well it had all gone and how respectful and mindful she was in handling everything for us.

Joanne Fitzsimmons

We asked Christina MacKay to be the family celebrant at the celebration of my late twin sister’s life.  Christina was professional in every aspect – her outstanding empathy, her communication & organisation;  Christina took control of all matters keeping excellent communication with the funeral director.
My twin sister’s request was a “humorous” service – Christina took care of that beautifully yet all the time showing compassion and understanding.
It was a perfect & happy humorous farewell ! I cannot thank Christina enough.

Felicity Roberts

We love choosing Christina as a celebrant for families. She is naturally welcoming,  well organized and professional.

We especially love her sincere inquiry and interest in families experience.  

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